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Chrome Shower Head Holder Bracket
  • Chrome Shower Head Holder BracketChrome Shower Head Holder Bracket

Chrome Shower Head Holder Bracket

Shower is a must in the bathroom, people will use it to take a bath.The shower seat, which is used to hold the shower in place, is also essential and convenient.If you don't want to hold the shower in your hand, the shower seat will do the trick, and if installed, it will be easy to take a shower.Chrome shower head holder bracket is a fixed bracket into the wall. The advantages of Chrome Shower Head Holder bracket are that it is self-evident that the use process is strong and reliable.Although it is not easy to reuse but its service life is very long, not affected by the temperature difference of steam and moisture-proof wall.

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Product Description

Installing the Chrome shower head holder bracket Step 

1.  Now the joint is ready, the joint is the joint with thread at both ends, and the thread is wrapped with raw tape, and then connected to the embedded water pipe joint.  

2. Assemble the main crown and shower faucet, and wrap the threads with raw tape.  Mark the position on the wall where the shower rod needs to be fixed. This position is the location of the fixing seat.  Drill a hole in this position, then install the nylon anchor bolt and the isomorphic screws will hold the seat in place.  

3. Install the shower rod and shower faucet on the fixed seat, and adjust their horizontal position and stability.  Pay attention to the faucet behind the joint should be sealed with a sealing washer, otherwise it is easy to leak.  

4. After the shower rod is installed, you can attach the shower head to the bend.  Shower head installation is the final step in shower installation.  The shower head is flexible and can be removed at any time. 

Chrome shower head holder bracket Parameter (Specification)

Item No


Product Description

Wall Mountedshower holder








Stainless steel

Surface Finish




Chrome shower head holder bracket Feature And Application
How to Remove Chrome shower head holder bracket?  

1, observe the base of the flower is sprinkled to the screw, it is a cross or - word, and then press the screw out - with the right screwdriver to unscrew.  

2, shower at the same time to remove the shower, remove the screw when remember to unscrew the first screw counterclockwise, to be the first screw loose, then unscrew the second screw.  

3. The two screws can be removed by hand after they are completely loose.  If you want to change, do as described above.  But remember that there will be some bases are connected, is not suitable for disassembly, if you need to find a professional operation.

Chrome shower head holder bracket Details
Chrome shower head holder bracket designed for lowering shower heads.  For people who can't reach the shower.  It can adjust the higher base for mobility.  But this style can't be angled.  It's almost firmly in place.  Chrome shower head holder bracket For most showerheads, shiny chrome finish.  5 coats of coating material, shiny chrome finish.  Lightweight but durable engineering grade plastic. 

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