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Constant temperature faucet can automatically balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water in a very short time through the constant temperature regulating valve core of the faucet, in order to maintain the stability of the water temperature, completely do not need to be adjusted artificially, constant temperature faucet first appeared in Europe.  
The advantages of constant temperature faucet: if we are installed in the home is constant temperature faucet, no longer need to worry about water temperature sometimes hot and sometimes cold, also need not worry about children opened the tap was scalded.  General constant temperature faucet in the induction of internal water temperature is not enough to set the temperature will automatically open to adjust the water temperature, to ensure that the constant temperature faucet water stable constant.  
The scope of application of constant temperature faucet: constant temperature faucet is suitable for families, hotels, shower facilities in public bathrooms, as well as barbershops and other environments where water pressure often changes.
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