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Bathtub Triple Faucet is a Bathtub Triple Faucet that connects to a shower in addition to a hot and cold water supply. By Bathtub Triple Faucet, the high-quality ABS material has good temperature resistance, is safe and non-toxic, and has a hand-held shower design, which is convenient to take a shower. The multi-functional way of water can show the pleasure of taking a shower, and the thoughtful line design is ergonomic and comfortable to hold.  
Use of Bathtub Triple Faucet: Various impurities in the line should be thoroughly removed during installation to prevent spool damage, choke, blockage and leakage.  The Bathtub Triple Faucet can be used without excessive force when on or off by gently twisting or tugging.  By keeping it in a natural stretch, don't try to coil it around the Faucet to avoid breaking or damaging the hose.
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