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10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head
  • 10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head

10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head

Taizhou Jiafeng has been specialized in manufacturing sanitary products for nearly 16 years. Our main products are shower seats, shower heads and various top showers. Our aim is to meet the various needs of our customers. We produce quality 10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head.

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Product Description

10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head


1. Introduction of 10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head

 10*10 dual-function top spray is a kind of square top spray. The 10*10 dual-function top spray has 44 water outlets and 36 spray holes. Let the bathing become more vivid and vivid. The dual-function water outlet brings a different bathing experience and makes people more relaxed in the bath. 

 The X-shaped water outlet allows the water to flow like rain, and the water becomes stronger, which really makes people understand what acupuncture massage is. The spray type of water also allows me to experience another way of bathing. 

 The spray type of water makes the water flow soft and soft. It can open the skin pores and make the experience more comfortable. The material of the rubber head is TPE, and the raw material of TPE makes the rubber head softer. It is also more popular with customers who enjoy showers.


2. Specifications of 10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head



high quality plastic


gray rubber head


The product is 18 cm long and 18 cm wide. The diameter of the rubber head opening is 5 mm, the distance between the centers of the two long holes is 1.8 cm, and the distance between the centers of the vertical openings is 1.8 cm. The opening method is X-shaped. The opening diameter of the spray hole is 6 mm, and the opening method is a triangular row.

Fumigation certificate

no fumigation, can be exported directly


3. Features and applications of 10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head

 As a square shower nozzle, the 10*10 dual-function top shower has 44 water outlets. The X-shaped water outlet makes the water more unique. The water has a massage function and it is very comfortable to shower on the body. There are also 36 spray outlets. The spray-type water outlet method can interpret the unusualness of this product even more. 

 The spray-type effluent allows our skin to absorb the heat in the water, so that the showerer can experience an extraordinary bathing enjoyment.

4. details of 10*10 Two Functions Top Shower Head

 The 10*10 glue head with waterfall top is 4.5 mm long glue head, and the water inlet method is socket type and thread type. Suitable for water pipes with an inner diameter of 10 mm, and the threaded port is a 4-point universal interface. The plastic head is made of TPE and the color is gray. 

 The main materials of the products are all made of ABS. 10*10 dual-function top spray glue head has one-piece type and spray type.


5. Delivery and Shipping Service of top waterfall shower head

Shipping methods:

By Sea: From Ningbo seaport

By Air

By Train or by Land

Payment methods:

T/T, Paypal, Western union, Moneygram, Cash


6. FAQ

1.Save water and energy.

It's much more energy efficient than a shower of the same size.

2.Health and safety

It’s using environmentally friendly materials, it is safer to use.

Easy to maintain and prevent scaling

It is easy to clean and hard to clog in daily use.


7. Company

 Taizhou Jiafeng plastic sanitary ware Co.,Ltd was founded in 2005,in the 16 years of development of the company grew into a professional production of shower accessories,shower sets of large enterprises.The company has 17 sets of 400g injection molding machine,1 set of 1200g injection molding machine,2 sets of automatic robots,2 sets of automatic equipment,15 sets of ultrasonic welding machine and other equipment.In this fierce competition in the new era,the company has established its own mold research and development team,our continuous innovation research and development is the company’s future development route,but also to continuously improve the quality of the guarantee.

 Our company's main shower column shower sets, big shower, shower and shower screen accessories.Our shower sets are fashionable in appearance and comfortable in use.which are loved by customers all over the country.Our shower sets have been in a leading position in the industry.

 In the past 16 years,the company adhering to the“customer first,forge ahead”,ahead to the principle of“customer first”to provide our customers with quality services.We firmly believe that as long as we take the market as the guide.innovation as the power,quality of survival,development and growth,we will win a better tomorrow.Our products are exported to Europe,America,Middle East,Southeast Asia and other countries,and the quality of our products is well receives by our customers.

 Since its inception,the company has set up a good corporate image,with excellent quality and innovative ideas,unique design,we uphold the“customer first,forge ahead”idea let the pace of the company more and more wide......


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